Managed Wi-Fi!

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Check out our new Managed Wi-Fi Product!!

Ayersville Communications Managed Wi-Fi is a scalable, end-to-end wireless networking solution that helps businesses and residences provide seamless Wi-Fi Internet access virtually anywhere across the location with Ayersville Communications’s comprehensive management tools that help manage and maximize wireless access.

Ayersville Communications’ Managed Wi-Fi Features:

  • Robust Professional Router
  • 4x Coverage Compared to Other Average Outers
  • Auto Channeling – Adjust for Quality Wi-Fi Service
  • Guest Network Set-up
  • Streaming Prioritization
  • Network Storage Available
  • Parental Controls
  • Fully Encrypted
  • Priority Routing for VoIP Traffic
  • Fully Managed by Trained Tech Support Agents 24/7
  • Cost-effective Monthly Fee

The benefits of Ayersville Communications Managed Wi-Fi are available for $6.95 per month, per managed router. There is a one year initial term agreement for the Ayersville Communications Managed Wi-Fi service. A $100.00 early termination fee will be applicable if cancelled during the first year. No returns of Managed Wi-Fi routers are accepted. After the initial one year term, the service will transfer to a month-to-month basis.

Contact the office at 419-395-2222 for more details or to schedule an installation!!

Call before you dig!

Call 811

Call 8-1-1 or 1-800-362-2764 before you dig:

It’s the law!


Ayersvillel Telephone Co., along with other OUPS member utilities will come out, locate, and mark our lines…AT NO CHARGE. A two (2) working day notice is required by law.

Whether you’re doing a major excavation or a minor construction job such as; planting a tree or installing a mail box post. A damaged phone line can be costly. If you do not call, you are liable for damages. So please protect yourself and others.

More from the Ohio Utilities Protection Service

Customer Service

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Ayersville Telephone Company is committed to offering the best customer service available. Whether you are seeking answers to a technical question, sales support, or accounting assistance, we are here to help you.

For residential or business telephone technical support call 419-395-2222.

For problems related to DSL Internet service dial 419-395-4357.

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