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Experience a fast, reliable and secure Internet connection with our Xtreme Fiber or High Speed DSL service. We offer several different packages to provide the speed you need.

High Speed DSL

Xtreme Fiber

Digital Cable TV

We offer an extensive channel lineup and a variety of bundle options. Choose a package that brings you all the channels, services and features you want.

High Speed DSL

Xtreme Fiber

Reliable Phone Service

Keeping you connected is what we do best! Rely on your home phone to call across town or half-way across the world. Your conversations will always be crystal clear.

High Speed DSL

Xtreme Fiber

Telephone Directory

Test My Speed

Does your provider give you the speed you need? Call 419-395-2222



With watchTVeverywhere and Ayersville Communications, you can watch online content from networks that are part of your pay-TV subscription.

Make A Payment

We make it easy to pay your monthly bill with our fast and simple Smart Hub.


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